Uniontown Feed Supports Community Building

Mar 3rd | 10am-5pm

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UNIONTOWN, WA – The Uniontown Sausage Feed is coming up.  The 66th annual event offers all you can eat sausage for seven hours.  They will also have a beer garden.  It’s at the Community Building in Uniontown Sunday, March 3rd.  It starts at 10:00 am and runs until 5:00 pm.  Adults are $13, kids 6-12 are $9, and kids under 6 are just $2.

ID Bill Would Ban Motorcycle Profiling

By Law Enforcement

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BOISE, ID – A southern Idaho Senator wants to make sure law enforcement officers don’t target motorcycle riders.  Senator Lee Heider (R) submitted Senate Bill 1109 that is short and to the point.  It’s 15 lines long and would make it illegal for a law enforcement agent or agency to engage in motorcycle profiling. 

Sausage Feed Helps Ambulance Crews

Sausage Feed & Auction

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KENDRICK, ID – If you’re craving sausage and community spirit, you’ll want to eat some sausage in Kendrick next Saturday.  The J-K Ambulance Sausage Feed & Auction is coming up.  The proceeds fund training and equipment for the volunteers who respond to medical emergencies in the community. 

White Out Conditions

Culdesac To Winchester

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CULDESAC, ID - The Idaho Transportation Department is warning of possible white-out conditions along Highway 95.  Driving could be treatcherous from Old Dump Road near Culdesac to Old Reubens Road near Craigmont.   

Southern Idaho Plagued By Road Closures

Blowing Snow and Worse

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BOISE, ID - Nine roads are currently closed in southern Idaho and even more warnings are in place that could bring closures in the future.  Blowing and drifting snow are the main causes of the closed roads.  Some are closed for avalanche danger, and nearly all have reduced visibility as an additional cause to keep drivers away.

Free Tax Help

Idahoans With Simple Returns

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LEWISTON, ID – If you haven’t finished your taxes yet, you may qualify for free help.  The Idaho State Tax Commission is sending out a reminder that there are volunteer tax preparation sites throughout the state. 

Snoqualmie Pass Open Both Directions

Traction Tires Advised

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SNOQUALMIE PASS, WA - Snoqualmie Pass is back fully open.  Some of the exits are blocked with several feet of snow though.  If you're headed straight through to North Bend or beyond, it shouldn't be a problem.  The Washington State Department of Transportation recommends you don't drive with less than traction tires, and oversize loads are prohibited.

Hate Snow? Head To Kamiah

Area Sheltered From Most Of The Storms

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KAMIAH, ID - If you're getting sick of the snow, you should head into the mountains.  Usually that statement doesn't make sense, but today Kamiah has less snow than the LC Valley.  Most roads in our area are considered slick at best with high winds in some areas to go with it.

Voters Approve Asotin EMS Levy

Continuation Of Old Levy Rate

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ASOTIN, WA – Voters in Asotin have said “yes” to the continuation of a levy that will keep emergency medical personnel in their town with paramedics close by.  In last night’s election, nearly 73% of voters approved the Emergency Medical Service levy.  The levy continues the same rate that taxpayers were already paying.  Last year voters turned the levy down.  In a previous interview Mayor Vickki Bonfield said she had heard from a lot of voters that they were confused and thought it was a new levy on top of the current one. 

Snoqualmie Pass Still Closed

Reassessed at 9am

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SNOQUALMIE PASS, WA - Not much has changed in the last 24 hours except for another pile of snow on top of what was already there.  The Washington State Department of Transportation has kept the pass closed since Monday evening.  The concern is avalanches to go with poor driving conditions.  Some DOT workers say it's the worst they've seen in 20 years.


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