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Keep moving (gradually and steadily)

Living an active, healthy lifestyle not only improves our general well-being and health, but can also reduce our chances of developing chronic pain. Our body was built to move, and we need to understand that not all aches or soreness is cause for concern. 

Your Off Road Update

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What Do You Want To Know?

Bud’s Powersports and DailyFly team up to bring you “Your OffRoad Update”. Drop a comment to let us know what you would like to hear about in the off road industry. Also, be one of the first to post a picture to our brag board. Bud’s Powersports wants to see your best “stuck” experience, group photo or anything that captures a true off road experience. Choose Bud’s Powersports located in the heart of Idaho!

Car Vs. Building

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CLARKSTON, WA - A car hit a building this afternoon on Highland Ave.  Just before 2:30pm, Clarkston Police, Clarkston Fire, and Asotin County Deputies arrived at Blue Mountain Family Health.

Alleged Kidnapping Attempt Update

Woman Believed Her Daughter Was Sold To Victim

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LEWISTON, ID – The woman who attacked a mother at a baseball game last week says she thought her daughter had been sold to the mother.  Lewiston Police have released more information about the incident near Inland Cellular Field.  Last Thursday police received a call that a woman had tried to kidnap a child who was with friends near some ponds during the game. 

Daily Dynamic Report

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Know pain, know gain.

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that understanding how our pain systems work is an excellent strategy in managing it. The great news is that you don't need to know a lot! Simply knowing the basics of how our brain and nerves work, and their role in pain, can help reduce your chance for developing chronic symptoms. 

Standoff Update

Friday Evening

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***UPDATE***   According to Friday night's police log, the man at the residence is the step-son of the person who called in the complaint.

LEWISTON, ID – Police believed they heard two small explosions outside a home in the Lewiston Orchards Friday night.  That’s when they blocked off 7th Street just before 5:45pm.  The incident started with a complaint that man in the home was out of control and not wanted there. 


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