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How Physical Therapy Can Help With Chronic Pain

In one longitudinal study, back pain accounted for more than 3 percent of all emergency room visits between 2004 and 2008. It is also estimated that more than 25 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, many with a disability that prevents them from doing normal daily tasks like working and caring for themselves or others. From muscle aches to limited mobility, those suffering from back pain will tell you that they will do anything to make it stop. Fortunately, physical therapy may be the answer. Call our Lewiston office today to speak to our physical therapists and find out if physical therapy can help you eliminate your back pain for good.

Daily Dynamic Report

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How To Relieve Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can lead to a loss of productivity. It’s a common cause for disability. It can also lead to nerve damage, depression and even weight gain. If you’re suffering from back pain or neck pain, it’s time to take action. Get pain relief with the help of a physical therapist. A physical therapist will develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. Why suffer when physical therapy can give you pain relief?

1st Time Ranch-Buying Workshop

University Of Idaho Extension

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LEWISTON, ID – If you’re about to buy a ranch, or if you’re considering the idea, the University of Idaho Extension has a workshop coming up that you’ll want to attend.

The program is called Rural Land Purchasing, and it’s designed to inform first-time buyers of rural property about what makes rural land buying more complex than the typical house in town.

82,000 Wild Horses Looking For Homes

Bureau Of Land Management

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – If you have some spare acreage and want to make some extra cash, the Bureau of Land Management could have a contract for you.  They’re seeking contractors for off-range pastures to provide a free-roaming environment and quality care for wild horses and burros taken from public lands in the western U.S. 

Drug Take-Back Coming Up

April 24th, 26th, 27th

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LEWISTON, ID – Plans are in the works for this year’s Prescription Take-Back Days.  The Lewiston Police Department and REACH (Resources Empowering Action for Community Health) are accepting prescriptions that you don’t need any more, in the hopes of keeping them from kids and adults for whom they are not prescribed. 

WA Legislators Host Telephone Town Hall Meeting

March 21st | 6pm

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OLYMPIA, WA – Local Washington State Representatives are hosting a telephone town hall meeting.  Mary Dye and Joe Schmick in the middle of the legislative session and want to hear what you have to say about the activities in Olympia.  They’ll give an update first, then take questions, and anyone on the line can also take part in a survey.

Hwy 12 "Very Slick"

15 Miles East Of Lewiston

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NEZ PERCE COUNTY, ID - Highway 12 is considered "Very Slick" right now east of Lewiston.  The Idaho Tranpsortation Department reports icy patches and the possibility of light snow today.

Armed Forces Academy Night

Info On How To Get Into West Point, Air Force Academy, and Others

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LEWISTON, ID – If your teen is considering serving his or her country and wants to go to college, tonight’s a chance to get started.  The Service Academy Days are coming up across Idaho.  Your student will need a Congressional nomination to be admitted to one of the academies, and this is a good place to get started.


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