LC State President Pemberton to give institutional progress report during SBOE meeting on Wednesday

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LEWISTON, Idaho – Lewis-Clark State College President Cynthia Pemberton will give the college’s annual progress report to the Idaho State Board of Education on Wednesday during the board’s two-day meeting at the LC State Williams Conference Center.


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National Physical Therapy Month is an annual designation observed in October. The American Physical Therapy Association encourages everyone to raise awareness of physical therapy as a safe, effective alternative route to medication such as opioids for treatment of chronic pain conditions. 

Age 20 Through 65 Greatest Risk of Experiencing Arthritis

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Arthritis is a painful condition that can happen to anyone. While women are more likely to experience joint pain than are men, statistics show that almost two-thirds of those who suffer from arthritic joint pain are actually of working age–that means regardless of gender, those between the age of 20 and 65 are actually at the greatest risk of experiencing this type of pain. 

Human Bones Found Near White Bird

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On September 16, 2019, the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office was notified when beach-combers located a few small pieces of bone that appeared suspicious to them, ten miles downriver from White Bird on the Salmon River.  The bones were found in a remote location, under the high water mark, at a back eddy and nearly entirely under sand and silt.   

1st Interstate Pawn

2nd Anniversary Relocation Sale

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1st Interstate Pawn will be having their 2nd Anniversary Relocation Sale this Saturday (10/12) from 9am to 7pm. They have relocated to 1625 G St, Lewiston, ID just down the road from their old location. Come enjoy roasted corn and hot dogs while you take a look around the store.


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