Armed Forces Academy Day

LHS | March 7th | 6pm-8pm

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LEWISTON, ID – If your teen is considering serving his or her country and wants to go to college, here’s a chance to get started.  The Service Academy Days are coming up across Idaho.  Your student will need a Congressional nomination to be admitted to one of the academies, and this is a good place to get started.

Vaping Cost Could Nearly Double

House Bill 1873 Adds Tobacco Tax

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OLYMPIA, WA – The cost of vaping will go up if several state legislators get their way.  According to House Bill 1873 there is currently no tobacco tax on those products that contain nicotine.  The bill would include electronic vaping devices in the taxable list of tobacco products.

Found: 2 Dogs

Now At Georgia Carpetworks

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LEWISTON, ID - Two dogs are enjoying a warm floor at Georgia Carpetworks.  If they're yours, you can stop by to pick them up.  The store is at 213 Thain Rd.

School District Ballots Out Now

Return By March 12th

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NEZ PERCE COUNTY, ID – If you live in the Genesee or Highland school districts, you’ll be getting a ballot soon if you haven’t already.  Both school districts have elections coming up.  Your ballot includes a postage-paid return envelope to send it back. 


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