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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.


“Take Me Fishing” Trailers

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Stocked with equipment and information, Idaho Fish and Game's "Take Me Fishing" trailers travel to local ponds across the state. Wrapped with vibrant fish illustrations, they're hard to miss. Getting kids, moms and dads excited about fishing can build a new generation of anglers. The only thing kids and their parents have to do is show up!

Daily Dynamic Report

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Sciatica Pain: If Home Treatments Aren’t Working

There are plenty of things you can do at home to ease a mild sciatica flare-up. Alternating with cold and heat is a classic treatment for sciatica symptoms. Use an ice pack, followed by a heating pad, for about 15 minutes per application. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees can also help. 

Plant Manager Apologizes, On Leave For Actions During Rally

Letter Attached Below

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***UPDATE*** An e-mail from Steve Bowden, Senior Vice President of Pulp and Paperboard Division, says Mill Manager Donnie Ely is "on leave" following the incident.  The e-mail also says they are reviewing the situation and they're committed to "furthering our strong relationship with our labor partners and working diligently toward a new ratified labor agreement."  Bowden also wrote "We want to be clear: this incident does not represent Clearwater Paper's core values or its view of labor negotiations."

Happy May Day!

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Happy May Day everyone! Head over to Sativa Sisters where we have the best and the freshest flowers around! Our friendly budtenders can help you find the perfect flower for your needs!


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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Physical Therapy and Sciatica Pain

Each of your sciatic nerves runs from either side of your lower back down to each of your legs. That’s why a classic sign of sciatica is having a shooting pain on one side only. While compression of one of your sciatic nerves can literally be a “pain in the butt,” it doesn’t always require medical attention. Yet sometimes physical therapy is your best bet to banish sciatica symptoms.


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