Proposed Bill Increases Taxes To Fund Student Loans

Real Estate Excise Taxes On Home Sales More Than $1M

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OLYMPIA, WA – Some Washington Representatives are hoping to increase real estate taxes to give out student loans.  Graduates from Washington high schools going on to colleges and universities in Washington would be eligible for those loans.

The bill writers talk about debt and a person’s future in defense of the cost, writing “The legislature recognizes that people with student loan debt are less likely to get married and start a family, establish small businesses, and buy homes.”

Gov. Little Signs Act Cutting Two Rules For Every One Proposed

Executive Order Thursday

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BOISE, ID – Governor Brad Little’s surprise Executive Orders were signed into law yesterday afternoon. 

Little’s “Red Tape Reduction Act” requires many state agencies to come up with two existing rules to get remove or significantly simplify for every one rule they propose.  Governor Little explained the point of the act by saying “Excessive regulation at all levels of government can impose high costs on businesses, inhibit job growth, and impede private sector investment”.

Last Day To Nominate Amazing Elementary Teacher

Lewiston Elementary Schools

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LEWISTON, ID – If you know of a teacher who has made a huge impact on kids and the community, you have one day left to recognize him or her through an L.I.F.E. award.  The Lewiston Independent Foundation for Excellence is accepting nominations for the Martha S. Baskin Outstanding Elementary Teacher Award.  The endowment created by Mrs. Baskin’s family gives $1,500 to the teacher chosen from the pool of nominees.

Missing Dog

Gifford Area

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GIFFORD, ID - Copper is missing.  He and a lab went on an adventure Friday and only the lab came back.  If you have seen him, contact Whitney Ann Coddington on facebook, or call or text 208-413-3770.

Obscene Conduct Case Against Former Airport Manager Dropped

Material Witness Couldn't be Found

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LEWISTON, ID – The case against former Airport Manager Robin Turner has been dropped.  Late yesterday afternoon we got a press release from the Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s office.  It details the events of the investigation that led up to and after the citation of “Obscene Live Conduct In A Public Place”. 

Suspended UI Professor Releases YouTube Video

Reads Alleged Suspension Letter

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MOSCOW, ID – Suspended University of Idaho Professor Denise Bennett released a live video of what she says is the first reading of her suspension letter.  It was streamed live on Tuesday and is still available to watch.  She was placed on suspension and banned from campus for unprofessional conduct.  Later a Vandal Alert alleged meth use and access to firearms and that students should contact authorities if they see her on campus.


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