Lewiston School Board

Special Meeting April 20th

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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN TO Patrons of Independent School District No. 1 that the Board of Directors of said District has scheduled a special meeting on Monday, April 20, 2015, to commence at 5:15 p.m. in the Central Services Board Room, 3317 12th Street, Lewiston, Idaho. The following agenda has been established for the special meeting:

Earth Day April 22 in Lapwai

Bring Your Booth

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The Lapwai Community Action Team (LCAT) is gearing up for Earth Day events to take place throughout the month of April.  LCAT is pleased to bring activities to our community involving our mother earth and keeping her clean and safe.  Each event will have its own announcement through helpdesk, flyers, etc.  Please join us in making this event another successful one!

Local Hero

Jason Warnock

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Jason Warnock told the police, later, that he had to get back to work and was wanting to avoid attention. The Lewiston Police Department is now officially thanking Warnock for his, "quick and decisive actions in helping Mathew Sitko and preventing the situaton from worsening."

Community Supported Agriculture

Keegan Athey

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It looks like a lot of work, heck; it is a lot of work. Whether it is hard work or not well, that is in the mind of the worker and Keegan Athey seems to be enjoying every moment of it. That is her on the right in the picture. She  started River City Farm a Community Supported Agriculture business a couple of years back. That is an new way of saying she does things in the old way. 

Monarch Butterflies Need Your Help

Plant Milkweed

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Most people know something about the Monarch Butterfly, if simply how beautiful they are. Many know the Monarch migrate long distances. Some travel from Canada to Mexico, there is also a west migration route that leads to the California Coast and an Eastern route from the north border to Florida. Here is a couple of things you may not know; It takes four generations of Monarchs to make the migration, and their population has halved in the last twenty years.


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