Near Tom Beall Rd | Outside Lapwai

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LAPWAI, ID - This dog is lost.  He was found near Tom Beall Rd. outside Lapwai.  He's currently in foster care with Zeus's Friends Network.  If you know the owner, have him or her call 208-790-9170.

Gas Prices Drop Slightly

ID is 13-cents Higher Than U.S. Average

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LEWISTON, ID – Gas prices are down compared to a year ago.  Gasoline stocks are at their highest level on record and severe weather in the Midwest and eastern U.S. are keeping people from their usual driving activity.  AAA Idaho’s Matthew Conde says instability in Venezuela could lead to an increase in prices of crude oil.

ISP Makes Biggest Marijuana Bust On Record

6,701 lbs of Marijana

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BOISE, ID – Idaho State Police troopers snagged their biggest drug bust anyone can remember.  A Portland man allegedly tried to bring 6,701 lbs of marijuana into the state in a truck.  A trooper was inspecting the tractor-trailer rig at the East Boise Port of Entry.  The truck’s bill of lading said it was carrying a load of hemp.  A press release says something about the whole thing made the trooper’s training kick in some suspicion. 

Habitat Store Needs Donations

Furniture, Paint, Flooring...

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LEWISTON, ID – The Lewiston Habitat Store hopes you’ll consider them when you do your spring cleaning.  The retail part of Habitat for Humanity is in need of donations of things that make a house a home.  They are happy to take furniture, appliances, and tools, but also things that create a house like toilets, flooring, paint, doors, and more. 

Levy Could Be Last Chance For Emergency Medical Service

Mayor Says Many Voters Were Confused, Voted "No" Last Time

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ASOTIN, WA – The voters of the City of Asotin will be asked again next month if they want emergency medical services in town.  In the last election, voters said no to a levy that would have continued the protection they already get.  The cost was the same at 50-cents per thousand dollars of assessed home value.  The difference was that the levy was a permanent one that wouldn’t have to go on the ballot every few years at the cost of about $5,000.  Mayor Vicky Bonfield says that is part of what confused people and led to the levy dying. 

Clarkston Home Burns For Several Hours

1310 10th Street

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***UPDATE*** Clarkston Fire Chief Steve Cooper says there were two occupants of the home. One survived, and the one taken to the hospital died from his injuries.

CLARKSTON, WA – Just after 2:30 this morning Clarkston Firefighters rushed to a home on 10th street for report of a home on fire.  When they arrived at 1310 10th Street, firefighters say they found the house with flames and smoke coming from windows on all four sides of the home.  Shortly after they arrived, they called for mutual aid help from The Asotin County Fire District and Lewiston Fire.  Both departments arrived within a few minutes to help attack the fire. 

Proposed Bill Cuts Washington Off At The Mountains

51st State Named "Liberty"

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OLYMPIA, WA – Eastern Washingtonians could be under a state government east of the mountains if a house bill goes through.  House Bill 1509 has headed to the State Government and Tribal Relations committee.  The bill would help create the 51st state from the top of the Cascade Mountains to the Idaho border.  The border with Oregon would stay the same.

Sheriff Rodriguez Responds To "No Confidence" Vote

Stems From Two Issues

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LEWISTON, ID – Sheriff Joe Rodriguez is responding to last week’s vote of “No Confidence” by 32 of the members of the union.  Rodriguez says it likely stems from two recent issues, one of which was a Facebook post that some people found offensive.  After it started circulating through angry citizens, he responded with the information that it had been posted on his account by his wife.  Sheriff Rodriguez says after that incident, he brought in an expert who specializes in social media, press releases, and other information.  Sheriff Rodriguez says he made sure to take the training along with the rest of the department.


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