Daily Dynamic Report

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Physical therapists can treat vertigo. 

Positional vertigo, when you experience very brief bouts of dizziness with changes in position or movement of the head, is the most common cause of dizziness. It is a dysfunction of the vestibular system in the inner ear. It can successfully be treated in as little as one session with a physical therapist.

Lapwai Community Coalition Members Of The Year

Two People, One Business

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LAPWAI, ID – Two people and one business earned high honors from the Lapwai Community Coalition.  The Lapwai Community Coalition is a group determined to help kids avoid drugs.

Crissy Garcia earned the Coalition Member of the Year award.  Crissy has been with the group since it started in 2014.  She volunteered and contributed to most of the events throughout the year.

Moscow's Salvation Army Store Closing

Based On "Fiscal Responsibility"

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MOSCOW, ID – You have less than a week left to shop the Moscow Salvation Army store.  The announcement came down that the store will close for good on January 17th.  A press release from the Salvation Army says the location on S. Jackson Street will close and the employees will be laid off. The store’s one full-time employee will be laid off January 31st.

BOLO - Found Wallet

Lewiston Orchards

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LEWISTON, ID – If you’ve lost a Marvelous wallet, someone else found it.  A citizen contacted us hoping to find the owner of this Spider-Man money holder.  He found it in the Lewiston Orchards.  If you think it’s yours, contact Shawn Smith on Facebook.  His profile pic has two people in red shirts.  You’ll have to prove it's yours by describing the contents.

Sheriff's Annual Report Released

6,510 Cases Handled In 2018

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NEZ PERCE COUNTY, ID – Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Department deputies and employees responded to 6,510 cases last year including 547 traffic offense citations, 259 reports of traffic collisions, 174 criminal offense citations, and 34 DUI arrests.  Three people died in cases started by the Sheriff’s Office. 


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