Masks Required at Clearwater River Casino and It’se Ye-Ye Casino

Press Release | Nez Perce Tribe

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Lapwai, Idaho- Beginning June 26, 2020 the Clearwater River Casino in Lewiston, ID and the It’se Ye-Ye Casino in Kamiah, ID will mandate that all customers wear masks while in the establishment. This precaution is being taken due to the increase of positive COVID-19 cases in both Washington and Idaho.

Postcards Encouraging Households to Respond to 2020 Census Sent to P.O. Boxes

U.S Census Bureau

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The U.S. Census Bureau is sending postcards between June 24 and July 3 to an estimated 1.3 million post office boxes in communities where P.O. boxes are the only mailing address available. The postcards alert households that a census taker may drop off census invitations soon or will visit later to interview them.

Facebook to Notify Users of Old News Articles

News Release | Facebook

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When Facebook asked people what kind of news they wanted to see on Facebook, they continually said they wanted information that is timely and credible. In 2018, Facebook added the context button which provided information about the sources of articles we saw in our news feed. Today, Facebook started to globally roll out a notification screen that will let people know when news articles they are about to share are more than 90 days old. 

Unexpected Income Tax Bill This Year?

News Release | Idaho State Tax Commission

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BOISE, IDAHO  June 24, 2020 — Did you owe more tax than expected when you filed your state income tax return this year? Did you get a smaller-than-expected refund? In either case, it’s a good time to review your paycheck withholding to make sure you’re having the right amount of income tax withheld from your pay. Updating your W-4 now will improve your tax situation when you file next year.


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