Beadwork, Featherwork, & More At Weekend Exhibit

Lolo Pass Visitor Center | June 14th, 15th, 16th | 10am - 3pm

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LOLO PASS, ID – This weekend, you’ll find a renowned artist at the Lolo Pass Visitor Center.  Roger Amerman is the Artist in Residence for June.  His work has been featured at the Smithsonian Institute.  He’s known for producing traditional Native American beadwork, featherwork, and traditional Native men’s apparel.

Asotin Chief Getting Ready For Fireworks

"Safe & Sane" Legal During Specific Dates/Times

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ASOTIN, WA – Law enforcement officers and firefighters in Asotin are sending out an early warning about Independence Day fun this year. 

In the City of Asotin, you can let off legal fireworks on July 3rd between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm, July 4th between 9:00 am and midnight, and July 5th between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Pre-hab for Better Surgical Recovery

When it comes to going under the knife, many people fear what will come after the stitches have been sewn. This is especially true for anyone who has a total joint replacement. Faced with the risk of time in a rehabilitation hospital, many people delay joint replacement surgery out of fear of a long, difficult recovery.

BOLO - Stolen Bike

Orchards | Sunday Night

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BOLO - LEWISTON, ID – Someone stole a bike in the Orchards.  This red bike was taken from a home Sunday night.  If you’ve seen it, contact the LPD right away or message Amy Woodland on Facebook.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Pre-hab for Injury Prevention

Pre-hab is one of the best ways to prevent injuries in patients at risk for developing significant movement problems. Those with physically demanding jobs may find that the exercises, stretches and pain relieving techniques taught at physical therapy help them perform in their jobs. This is especially true in jobs where there are high incidences of certain injuries.

Avista Requests ID Rate Increase

Residential Bill Would Go Up 3.5%

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LEWISTON, ID – Your power bill could go up slightly beginning in January.  It’s currently .4% lower than in 2016, but an increase of 3.5% is likely coming.  The average bill would go up $2.89 per month.  Some commercial bills would also go up by about 1.5%.

2nd Measles Case In Latah County

New Exposure Location: Trinity Lutheran Church

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LATAH COUNTY, ID – There’s a second confirmed case of measles in Latah County.  The first case was a child who was too young to be immunized and the second is a child who had only been partially immunized.  The health department says they were both exposed to the virus on an international trip.

Heart of the Monster Back Open

Storm Damage Repaired

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LAPWAI, ID – A trail damaged by downed trees is back open at the Nez Perce National Historical Park.  The Heart of the Monster trail was closed because of safety concerns from the storm May 20th.  Staff and contractors worked to remove the trees and make the trail safe again for hikers.


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