Risch Elected Foreign Relations Committee Chairman

Third Idahoan To Hold Position

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – A U.S. Senator from Idaho is now chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Jim Risch was elected to the position yesterday.  As chairman, he’ll oversee the committee that handles legislation concerning the conduct of U.S. foreign policy, including foreign assistance, treaties, and declarations of war.

BOLO - Stolen Guitar

Belongs To An LHS Student

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BOLO – LEWISTON, ID – Be On the Lookout for a guitar.  It was stolen from an LHS senior Friday.  His mother says the thieves also took his backpack, but dumped it down the street.  He uses it at school and also for an upcoming Civic Theatre production.

Nez Perce Drive Scheduled To Open

January 29th | 6:00 am

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LEWISTON, ID – Nez Perce Drive could be open on the 29th.  The Urban Renewal Agency just finished discussing the timeline in their meeting.  The City of Lewiston is scheduled to take ownership of the part of the road beyond the theater from the construction company on the 28th.  The discussion concluded with an agreement to open the road at 6:00 am the next day. 

Nez Perce Drive Discussed At Noon

Noon | Urban Renewal Meeting

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LEWISTON, ID – Continuing work on Nez Perce Drive will be a topic at today’s Urban Renewal Agency meeting.  It starts at noon.  The group will also be discussing the East Orchards Sewer and electing Agency officers.  The meeting is open to everyone who would like to attend. 

BOLO - Stolen Pickup

4:00 AM

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BOLO – LEWISTON, ID – Be On The Lookout for a Ram pickup that was stolen early this morning in the Normal Hill area.  About 4:00 am this truck went missing out of Lewiston.  The owner’s father says his son worked hard to earn enough to get his truck and it’s disappointing that this happened. 


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