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Athletes and Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can be an athlete’s best friend, both before and after training or competition. Our physical therapist might recommend different types of massage to accompany different forms (and intents) of your physical therapy program. For instance:

  • Swedish massage may be indicated to relax tense muscles, increase the flow of blood to soothe pain, and boost fluid drainage for swelling reduction.
  • Deep-tissue massage may be necessary to loosen muscles and connective tissues located near their corresponding bones.
  • A technique called myofascial release can help free tissues trapped by fascial adhesions or distortions.

Home & Garden Show Now Open

Nez Perce County Fairgrounds | Until 7pm Tonight

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LEWISTON, ID – This year’s Home & Garden Show is underway at the Nez Perce County Fair Pavilion.  You’ll find just about everything you need to get started on summer outdoor projects, sprucing up your dining room, or re-doing your kitchen.

Hunter Ed Instructors Needed

Idaho Fish & Game

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LEWISTON, ID – Idaho Fish & Game needs hunter education instructors.  A few yes-or-no questions posed by Fish & Game may help you decide: are you a safe and responsible hunter or trapper?  Are you passionate about hunting ethics?  Do you like sharing your knowledge and skills with youth and adults new to Idaho’s hunting traditions?

The volunteer instructors will need to attend one of the instructor training workshops coming up.

Most Americans Don't Want Self-Driving Cars

AAA Idaho Study Results

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BOISE, ID – A new study shows most Americans don’t want a self-driving car.  AAA Idaho reports the latest research shows that seven in ten American drivers would be afraid to ride in a fully self-driving vehicle. 

The results are nearly the same from a survey following a series of high-profile accidents involving autonomous vehicles last year.

Donkey Basketball Tonight

6pm | Jenifer Jr. High

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LEWISTON, ID – Donkey basketball is coming to Jenifer Junior High tonight.  You’re invited to the event where students will be riding donkeys trying to make baskets against the faculty in the gym to raise money.  The funds go to Student Council events and programs for the whole school.

All-Inclusive Free Dance

March 22nd | 6pm - 8pm

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LEWISTON, ID – There’s a free dance coming up for everyone.  The all-inclusive dance is hosted by the Disability Action Center Northwest. 

It’s coming up March 22nd from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  It’s at the Lewiston Community Center.  If you wear a costume, you’ll be entered into a drawing for prizes.

WA Primary Moved To March

Governor Signed Yesterday

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OLYMPIA, WA – Governor Jay Inslee has less time to campaign after signing a bill yesterday.  The primary election in Washington State will now be held the second Tuesday of March instead of the fourth Tuesday in May.  The legislation affects the primary in the year of a presidential election

Warm Temps & Minor Flooding Coming

Small Stream & Field Flooding

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LEWISTON, ID – Warm temperatures are increasing the chance of flooding in some areas starting this weekend.  The National Weather Service is now warning everyone east of the Cascade Mountains through Montana.   There is a very low chance of the Snake River and other large rivers flooding, but there’s a good chance that small streams and fields will start to fill up.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Why Athletes Utilize A Physical Therapist

If you’re an athlete at any level of training or competition, you’re already familiar with the cycle of preparation, participation and recovery that seems to accompany just about any strenuous activity. First, you must prepare your muscles and connective tissues to do their job optimally well. You must then get them into their loosest, easiest form for the event itself. Finally, you must tend to the inevitable damage and soreness following your event. That’s why you should call Dynamic Physical Therapy today to ask our physical therapist about therapeutic massage. This natural complement to physical therapy can make all stages of training and recovery cycle much easier – even to the point of minimizing future sports injuries.


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