UI Spring Graduates Earn 1,527 Degrees

Many From Local Small Towns

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MOSCOW, ID – More than 1,500 degrees went to students at the University of Idaho this spring.  The semester that ended May 10th included graduates from all over the world.  Most of the students from our area came from Moscow and Lewiston, but Asotin, Colfax, Craigmont, Culdesac, Lenore, Nezperce, Palouse, and Pierce each had a single proud graduate.

Corps To Release

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AHSAHKA, ID – Be careful where you anchor your boat tonight.  The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is going to release considerably more water out of Dworshak Dam just after midnight tonight.  It’s currently flowing at 9,500 cubic feet per second, and they’ll have it increased to 12,500 by early morning.

Marijuana, Race, & Politics Discussed At Upcoming Library Talks

Aug 6th, 13th, 20th | Basalt Cellars | 6:30pm

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CLARKSTON,WA – The Asotin County Library is hosting three discussions aimed at hot-button topics.  They’re all going to be held at Basalt Cellars.  The first is “Equality on Trial: Race, Fairness, and the US Supreme Court”.  The speaker is laywer and professor Timothy Golden.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Degenerative Disk Disease

As a person ages, the protective disks that sit between each of the vertebrae in the spine can gradually wear down and shrink. Degeneration of these disks can lead to the bones in the spine rubbing against one another, which may cause back pain and stiffness.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Getting Help through Physical Therapy

When treating arthritic symptoms, the main goals of a physical therapist are to reduce pain, increase strength, and preserve range of motion. Just a few of the many benefits of working with a physical therapist include:


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