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National Physical Therapy Month is an annual designation observed in October. The American Physical Therapy Association encourages everyone to raise awareness of physical therapy as a safe, effective alternative route to medication such as opioids for treatment of chronic pain conditions. 

Age 20 Through 65 Greatest Risk of Experiencing Arthritis

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Arthritis is a painful condition that can happen to anyone. While women are more likely to experience joint pain than are men, statistics show that almost two-thirds of those who suffer from arthritic joint pain are actually of working age–that means regardless of gender, those between the age of 20 and 65 are actually at the greatest risk of experiencing this type of pain. 

Are Your Joints Hurting?

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Whether it is a pop in the knee with every step that you take, or a crack of your fingers with every attempt to open a jar, chances are that you aren’t going to realize just how much you rely on your joints to perform up to par until you are experiencing regular joint pain. 


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