Ham Radio Course Begins In March

$15 For The Test

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LEWISTON, ID – A local group is offering to teach you how to talk to the world.  A beginner ham radio technician course is coming up in March.  The LC Valley Amateur Radio Emergency Service group is hosting the course.  It begins March 12th and spans 6 classes with an exam on April 23rd.  The classes run from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm each day.

High-Tech Duct Tape Wallets

Full Calendar Attached

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CLARKSTON, WA – Kids can learn to make a high-tech duct tape wallet at the Asotin County Library.  The February calendar contains all sorts of interesting things to do including ukulele playing, glass etching, and learning to do block coding on a duct tape wallet that kids in grades 4-7 will make.

Snowy Morning in Keuterville

More Snow Coming This Weekend

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KEUTERVILLE, ID - We have a break in the snow for now, but tomorrow night the National Weather Service predicts more.  Marina Geis sent us this photo from Keuterville.  She was leaving her driveway and snapped a beautiful pic when she saw how serene it was.

21st Street Road Work

Through Tomorrow Morning

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LEWISTON, ID – Traffic on 21st Street may take longer than usual for another night.  Construction crews will continue slowing traffic and rerouting throguh detours around the Intersection at the bottom of 21st Street.   The Idaho Transportation Department is planning to re-work that intersection and the City of Lewiston is replacing the wastewater pipes underneath it before ITD gets going.

Sweet Shop Specializes In Gluten-Free

Also Offers Gluten-Full Deliciousness

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LEWISTON, ID – A relatively new shop in town may have your mouth watering…especially if you’re a gluten-free eater.  Thea Skalicky was busily icing cup cakes when we stopped in Skalicky's Sweet Sensations Bakery this afternoon.  She says people may be surprised by the amount of gluten-free eaters, and how many of them have Celiac disease.  She says her husband has it, and that’s why they have so many delicious options. 

Super Bowl, Extra Patrol

Drunk Driving Zero Tolerance Policy

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NEZ PERCE COUNTY, ID – Nez Perce County Deputies are watching for drunk drivers more than ever today and they'll continue through February 10th.  Special attention comes on Super Bowl Sunday, a day that people frequently choose to drive drunk. 

Sexual Battery Bill Removes Criminals' Firearms Rights

Currently Legal For People Convicted Of Specific Act

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BOISE, ID – A proposed law would make it illegal for people convicted of sexual battery of a child 16 or 17 years of age to have firearms. House Bill 70 would straighten out what Representative Melissa Wintrow states seems to be an oversight.  In the bill’s Statement of Purpose it says “It appears that (this crime) was inadvertently left off the list of qualifying felony crimes in previous amendments that included other sexual battery felonies.

Indigenous Film Series Premiere

Kamiah Library | Tuesday | 2pm | Free Popcorn

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KAMIAH, ID - Indigenous rights is the topic for a film series hosted by the Kamiah Community Library.  The series kicks off Tuesday, February 5th at 2:00 pm with the film In Light of Reverence.  The film originally aired on PBS and is carries the description “For Native Americans, the land is scared and akin to the world’s greatest cathedrals.  For others, the land should be used for industry and recreation.”

Proposed Bill Increases Taxes To Fund Student Loans

Real Estate Excise Taxes On Home Sales More Than $1M

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OLYMPIA, WA – Some Washington Representatives are hoping to increase real estate taxes to give out student loans.  Graduates from Washington high schools going on to colleges and universities in Washington would be eligible for those loans.

The bill writers talk about debt and a person’s future in defense of the cost, writing “The legislature recognizes that people with student loan debt are less likely to get married and start a family, establish small businesses, and buy homes.”


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