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Do You Suffer From Back Pain? Check Your Posture.

If you are experiencing back pain, your posture may be to blame. Fortunately, our physical therapist is ready to help you move toward a pain-free future. Find out for yourself why physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to address your back pain and start on the road to recovery. Contact Dynamic Physical Therapy today for a consultation. And sit up straight already!

Possible Flooding Coming

Melting Snow & Frozen Ground

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OROFINO, ID – Clearwater and Idaho Counties are part of an area of concern for the National Weather Service right now.  Because of the melting snowpack and frozen ground, there’s a good chance for spring runoff to accumulate in low-lying areas and cause flooding instead of soaking into the ground.  Ice jams in creeks and streams can also cause flooding behind them. 

Wildfire Preparedness Workshop

RSVP Today

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LEWISTON, ID – You'll need to RSVP today if you want to attend a workshop about protecting yourself and your property from wildfires.  Wildfires are getting bigger and the seasons are getting longer.  Idaho Smart Growth is hoping you’ll attend one of their presentations about the importance of planning for wildfires that come near your town.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Do You Have Shoulder Pain? See How A Physical Therapist Can Help.

Sometimes, a sudden injury can occur that causes shoulder pain. Other times, repetitive motions can gradually cause joints, tendons and muscles in the shoulder area to hurt. Physical therapy can treat several specific conditions that may be contributing to the pain in your shoulder. A physical therapist can create a customized program to specifically meet your needs.

Breakfast For Kids Coming Up

April 25th | 7am | New Bridges

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LEWISTON, ID – Your chance to help the Boys & Girls Clubs is coming up.  April 25th is when you can have a delicious breakfast and be able to give whatever you can financially to help out the clubs.  The 12th annual Breakfast for Kids event is underwritten by Wells Fargo so that every dollar you donate goes straight to helping the clubs.  The clubs in Clarkston, Lewiston, and Lapwai serve roughly 5,900 kids every year.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Do You Have Bad Posture? How A Physical Therapist Can Help

You may not immediately think about working with a physical therapist to achieve better posture. You should, though. A physical therapist is a movement expert, one that can identify weak areas and help you strengthen them. They can also help you increase flexibility, mobility, stability, and balance as well as help you relieve your back pain without pain medication.


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