Lewiston Woman Hospitalized After Crash

Juvenile Passenger Also Taken To Dayton General

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DAYTON,WA – A Lewiston woman is in the hospital after an accident near Dayton last night just after 11:00 pm.  According to the Washington State Patrol report, 48-year-old Christeena Miller was driving 9 miles north of Dayton on Highway 12 when the vehicle she was driving hit the embankment and rolled. 

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How Arthritis is Treated

Many physicians prescribe medication to manage pain caused by arthritis. Your physician may prescribe NSAID pain relievers, antibiotics, corticosteroids, or antirheumatic drugs for your arthritis treatment. However, medication is not always entirely helpful.

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Common Types of Arthritis

Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. This condition develops through a reduction in joint cartilage. This typically occurs gradually, through the natural “wear and tear” of age, but it can also occur from other factors, such as continuous repetitive motions. When cartilage wears down, the bones begin to rub together, causing friction, swelling, and pain.

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The Natural Way to Treat Arthritis Pain- Without Medication

There are numerous different types of arthritis that people experience – in fact, the term “arthritis” is used to describe over 100 different types of joint pain and joint disease that millions of people suffer from. Arthritis is known to affect the elderly since it becomes more apparent with age; however, it is also possible for people to experience arthritis in their early middle age.

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PT Treatments for Lower Back Pain: Part Two

Active physical therapy: Focuses on targeted exercises and stretches in order to improve function in the affected area. Many active physical therapy treatments are designed so the patient can perform them on their own, after their PT sessions are over. Once your lower back pain has subsided enough that your physical therapist believes you are ready for active physical therapy, he or she will set up an exercise plan specific to your needs.


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