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Get Yourself Moving: Don’t hide the equipment

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By simply keeping your workout equipment in sight around the house, it can help in motivating you to exercise. For example, instead of rolling up your yoga mat and storing it in the hall closet, leave it rolled out in front of the TV. Instead of keeping your hand weights in the garage, put them next to your coffee table.

Karl Tyler’s Lewiston Chevrolet Back to School SUV Sales Event

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Karl Tyler’s Lewiston Chevrolet has all your back to school needs covered during our Back to School Sales event! Right now save over $3,000 on this 2019 Traverse. The Traverse makes morning drop offs a breeze, thanks to the 8 inch touch screen with Apple and Android connectivity, comfortable seating for 7 and all-wheel drive peace of mind for the winter months.

Daily Dynamic Report

Get Yourself Moving: Consider the standing desk

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If you work in an office, you spend a large amount of the day in a sedentary position. One of the best ways to get some physical activity is by investing in a standing desk – you get to burn calories simply by standing in place! While it may not seem like much, standing is significantly healthier than sitting.


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