WEATHER: Possible showers and thunderstorms today, sun tomorrow

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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.

Lewiston Area:

Today: Sunny, possible showers and thunderstorms, PM clouds, high 89/ low 63

Saturday: Sunny and clear, 89/64

Sunday: Sunny and clear, 88/61

Monday: Sunny, 86/55


Palouse Area:

Today: Mostly sunny and mostly clear, 79/54

Saturday: Sunny, mostly clear, 80/55

Sunday: Sunny, mostly clear, 78/52

Monday: Sunny, 75/49


Prairie Area:

Today: Possible showers and thunderstorms, 74/53

Saturday: Mostly sunny, possible showers and thunderstorms, PM clouds likely, 76/54

Sunday: Sunny, partly cloudy in PM, 75/52

Monday: Mostly sunny, 73/47



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