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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.

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Quick Tips for Less Pain and More Energy: Reduce Stress

Stress can contribute to both emotional anxiety as well as physical pain. You need to have several quick stress-busters in your bag of tricks to reduce anxiety whenever it pops up. A warm bath is a quick way to instantly soothe aching muscles and joints while calming your nerves. Even simple breathing techniques can limit pain and energize your body. Take two or three deep breaths, and then slowly release them. Always make sure to breathe through your nose to get the most benefits.


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Weather brought to you by Nez Perce Express in Lewiston, next to the Clearwater River Casino.

BOLO - Outboard Theft

Call Clarkston PD

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BOLO - CLARKSTON, WA - Be on the lookout for a Honda Outboard Motor.  Someone stole it off the back of the boat last week in Clarkston.  If you know anything about it, call the Clarkston Police Department right away.  Their number is 509-758-1680 or 509-758-2331.

Two Arrested In 44-Gram Meth Bust

Arrested For Intent To Deliver

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OAKESDALE, WA – The Whitman County Sheriff’s Office took 44 grams of meth off the streets.  A traffic stop ended up with 64-year-old, Garfield resident, Everett Johnson arrested for Driving While Suspended.  A search of his vehicle found 14 grams of Methamphetamine packaged in separate plastic bags.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Sciatica Pain: When Pain Follows an Injury

Mild sciatica can build up over time, and it may even go away on its own. But when you have an onset of classic sciatica symptoms following a car accident, serious fall or sports injury, contact a doctor and a physical therapist. The symptoms are more likely to be severe because of the greater impact on the area surrounding the sciatic nerve. It’s important to determine the severity of nerve damage. Your medical team needs to evaluate the need for surgery, steroid injections or prescription drugs.


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