WA Legislators Host Telephone Town Hall Meeting

March 21st | 6pm

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OLYMPIA, WA – Local Washington State Representatives are hosting a telephone town hall meeting.  Mary Dye and Joe Schmick in the middle of the legislative session and want to hear what you have to say about the activities in Olympia.  They’ll give an update first, then take questions, and anyone on the line can also take part in a survey.

Hwy 12 "Very Slick"

15 Miles East Of Lewiston

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NEZ PERCE COUNTY, ID - Highway 12 is considered "Very Slick" right now east of Lewiston.  The Idaho Tranpsortation Department reports icy patches and the possibility of light snow today.

Armed Forces Academy Night

Info On How To Get Into West Point, Air Force Academy, and Others

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LEWISTON, ID – If your teen is considering serving his or her country and wants to go to college, tonight’s a chance to get started.  The Service Academy Days are coming up across Idaho.  Your student will need a Congressional nomination to be admitted to one of the academies, and this is a good place to get started.

Lewiston Road Closures

Snow & Ice

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LEWISTON, ID - These roads are currently closed in Lewiston for slick conditions:
- 5th Street, from F Street to 2nd Avenue (CLOSED) 
- 10th Street, from 7th Avenue to Miller Street (CLOSED) 
- Vineyard Avenue, from Hillcrest Road to Vineyard Drive (CLOSED) 

Daily Dynamic Report

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Difference Between Passive and Active Physical Therapy Treatments

The two forms of physical therapy are passive treatments and active treatments. Passive treatments for neck pain include electrotherapy, ice packs, ultrasound, massage therapy and heat therapy. These treatments help reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness. Active physical therapy treatments include exercises and stretches.

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Freezing Fog Coming

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LEWISTON, ID –The National Weather Service has issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook for southeast Washington, and north central Idaho.

Temperatures should warm up above freezing this afternoon beginning the snow melt, then dropping, freezing the melt on the streets.


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