The Benefits of Physical Therapy – Sports Rehabilitation

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Sports injuries are incredibly common as more people seek healthier lifestyles and encourage their children to participate in youth sports. One study finds 8.6 million Americans suffered a sports-related injury in one year. Many of these injuries can be treated at home while others require some hospitalization. If you are hospitalized for a sports injury, you will likely require physical therapy, too. 

The Benefits of Physical Therapy – Risk Prevention

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While sometimes surgery is necessary, it can also be expensive and risky. Physical therapy can oftentimes prevent a surgery from needing to take place, depending on what the health issue in question may be. If you do need to end up having a surgery, participating in a physical therapy plan ahead of time will strengthen your overall health and may lead to a quicker recovery time after the surgery takes place.


The Benefits of Physical Therapy - General Health Management

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If you are one of the reported 23 million people in the United States who suffer from diabetes, then you know that some of the major effects include not being able to control one’s blood sugar, as well as a lack of feeling in the legs and feet. These can be debilitating and even life threatening, but physical therapy can help by designing a personal diabetes management plan that includes exercise and education to help manage both of these issues and preventing future problems.


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