Now on Deck: New TimberTech Decking

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Are you looking to upgrade that splintery, warped thing you call a deck? Look no further than NEW TimberTech Decking. NOW AVAILABLE at Ziggy’s Home Improvement! Enjoy peace of mind with a 25 year product warranty (including fading) plus, it’s available in two colors. Visit us today and let our handy team show you how amazing your deck could be!

Bittersweet Return For Eastern Washington Legislator

More Than A Billion Dollars In New Taxes

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CLARKSTON, WA – Representative Mary Dye is back to eastern Washington after the legislative session in Olympia is over and things have calmed down.  She says it’s a bittersweet return having accomplished some things, but fighting an uphill battle against Democrats in Olympia who raised taxes in Washington by more than a billion dollars.  “It’s hard to come home knowing what happened to our constituents, the pain they’re going to endure with the additional burdens placed on them to pay for the programs that really aren’t going to be all that beneficial.”

Memorial Bridge To Be Widened in 2023

Soil Studies This Weekend

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LEWISTON, ID – Work continues on the most heavily-traveled intersection in Lewiston.  You may not notice this weekend, but there will be extra work happening near the bridge.  A Transportation Department crew will be inspecting the soil around the southeast corner of the Memorial Bridge over the Clearwater River.  They have plans to widen and strengthen it.

No More Wait Time At The DMV

ID Driver's License Renewal Online

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LEWISTON, ID – There’s no more waiting in line to renew your driver’s license for many Idahoans.  The Transportation Department has upgraded their website. now offers the ability to renew your license, renew your ID card, and renew your license plates.  You can also update your address, pay reinstatement fees, check the status of your driving privileges.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Stretches To Relieve A Tight, Sore Neck: Seated Neck Release

This gentle stretch targets the sides of your neck.

Sit on the floor in a cross-legged position or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Extend your right arm next to your right knee or along the right side of the chair. Place your left hand on the top of your head and slowly tilt your head to the left.

Honorable Mention For WWII Veteran

Classic Rock 102.9

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Classic Rock 102.9 and Pacific Steel & Recycling have had the privilege of honoring a Veteran each month by sharing their inspiring stories. Kelly Carper sent us an incredible story about his father, Sterling Carper, who served as a tail gunner in WWII overseas. Unfortunately, Sterling passed away in 1997. We would like to give SSGT Sterling E. Carper an honorable mention and donate $100 to the Lewiston Veteran’s Home in his name.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Correct Poor Posture.

There are a number of exercises that will help correct your poor posture. “If you have a rounded posture where your shoulders are migrating forward, you’ll want to do exercises that strengthen the muscles between the shoulder blades,” says William Smith, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and co-author of Exercises for Perfect Posture.


Near Anatone

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ANATONE, WA - A local family hopes you'll watch for their dog.  They were camping near Anatone when their two dogs went missing.  They found one, but are still missing this yellow lab.  If you see it, please call Sierra at (208) 816-8869.

BOLO - Lost Wallet

Rainbow Colored, Includes Cash & Cards

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BOLO - CLARKSTON, WA - Susan Cook hopes you'll be able to help her out.  She's looking for her wallet.  She lost it yesterday between 6th Street in Clarkston and Snake River Avenue.  It could be anywhere between the two places.  It had cash in it along with some cards.  She describes it as a rainbow-colored snap-close wallet.

Free Bus Rides For Kids

17 and Younger | LC Valley

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LEWISTON, ID – If you’re trying to figure out how to get your kids around this summer, they can ride the bus.  Kids 17 and younger ride for free in Lewiston and Asotin County for free.  The program started last week and continues through Labor Day.  The bus will get them to Boys & Girls Clubs, the movie theater, and the Aquatic Center as well as many other places. 

Daily Dynamic Report

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New Research Shows: Physical Therapy First for Low Back Pain Curbs Opioid Prescriptions and Lowers Costs

Researchers followed the health insurance claims of more than 150,000 patients for 1 year after an initial visit to a health care provider for LBP (lower back pain.) They sought to examine differences in the type of health care utilized and how much it cost over the course of a year for those who saw a physical therapist first, those who saw a physical therapist at a later time after the initial visit, and those who never visited with a physical therapist during the study period.


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