Fraternal Order Of Police Vote "No Confidence" In Sheriff Rodriguez

32 of 38 Votes

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LEWISTON, ID – The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 32 issued a vote of No Confidence against Nez Perce County Sheriff Joe Rodriguez.  Members of the Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Office make up that group.  A statement from Douglass Law, who represents the Lodge, says 32 of the 38 ballots came back as “no confidence”, one vote was “no opinion”, and five ballots were not returned.

New Steelhead Derby Coming Up

February 16th

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OROFINO, ID – A New non-profit group hoping to raise awareness and members is hosting a Steelhead Derby next month.  On February 16th, the Clearwater Chapter of Idaho River Community Alliance is hosting the derby at the Pink House Recreation Site just west of Orofino on Highway 12.

Representative Pushes For Federal Term Limits

US Representatives & Senators

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BOISE, ID – An Idaho state Representative is hoping his counterparts in Washington, D.C. will spend less time in government positions.  House Minority Leader Mat Erpelding has sponsored House Joint Memorial 2 that sends a message to the U.S. government urging them to add an amendment to the Constitution that would put term limits on U.S. Representatives and Senators.

Proposed Bill Would Allow State To Take Private Land

For Parks, Trails, & More

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BOISE, ID – A new bill headed through the Idaho House of Representatives would allow the state to acquire private land to use as parks and trails.  House Bill 51, co-sponsored by six Democratic Representatives, removes language in the current law that prohibits the state from taking private land through eminent domain. 

PPD Seeks Whiskey Enthusiast

Liquor Theft Questioning

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BOLO - PULLMAN, WA – Pullman Police Officers hope you can identify a man who may very well enjoy Fireball Whiskey.  The PPD posted a photo of the man and what may be his car on their facebook page.  They’d like to speak to him about two liquor thefts from the Pullman Sunset Mart last week.

Nez Perce Drive Open Tuesday

From Juniper Drive to Gun Club Road

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LEWISTON, ID – Nez Perce Drive will soon be open all the way to Gun Club Road.  The road currently ends just east of the movie theater.  The work is nearly done and the road will officially be open on Tuesday next week. 

Lost Dog: Trigger

Near 10th St. and Elm St. | Clarkston

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***UPDATE*** Trigger is back home with his family.

CLARKSTON, WA - A Clarkston family is hoping you can help get their dog Trigger back.  They had two dogs who got out.  One was run over, so they're hoping someone will know where Trigger is.  He's a 10lb brown Daschund.  He was last seen near 10th Street between Elm Street and Bridge Street.  If you've seen Trigger, call Chris at 208-791-1032.

Troy Pushes For 3-Digit Suicide Hotline

Latah County Representative Wants Help To Be Simple

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BOISE, ID – A resolution created by Latah County’s Caroline Nilsson Troy is hoping to push the federal government to make a hotline for suicide prevention and mental health help.  House Joint Memorial 1 had its introduction and first reading.  The resolution mentions the fact that Idaho and other western states have the highest rates of suicide in the nation and the resolution text goes on to say “…the CDC reports that the rate of suicide is increasing in Idaho and surrounding western states by rates that range from 30% to 58% since 1999.”

Deputy Shot With Pen-Gun

Two People In Jail For Warrants & Firearm Charges

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LEWISTON, ID – Yesterday morning a Nez Perce County Deputy was shot with a modified pen projectile weapon.  At about 5:00 am, the Deputy pulled a vehicle over near Hatwai Bypass and Highway 95.  The passenger Dillon Smith had an active arrest warrant.  The driver, Jessica Brunmeier, was on felony probation.  Her probation officer asked that she be taken into custody.


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