New Tax On Insurance Proposed

Adds Surcharge For Fraud

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OLYMPIA, WA – Several Washington State Representatives are pushing to increase the cost of insurance.  House Bill 1069 would add a surcharge to insurance products like home and auto insurance to create a new fund for the Insurance Commissioner.


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Lumber mill seeking to fill a full-time heavy equipment operator position in the log yard.  Applicants must have a minimum of 4 years of heavy equipment experience and must complete powered industrial safety training.  Knowledge of log species and the ability to identify log species is required.  Preference will be given to applicants with previous mill experience.  Excellent wage and benefit package.  Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED and a valid driver’s license. 

Idaho Volunteer Awards

Two Local Recipients

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BOISE, ID - Two local people were honored with state volunteer awards yesterday.  Idaho’s Brightest Stars are awards earned by people who are determined to help other in their communities. 

Daily Dynamic Report

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Physical therapy can reduce treatment costs for patients.

According to the Health Services Research journal, patients with lower back pain who turned to physical therapy as a treatment first reported, on average, 72% fewer costs within the first year than those who did not. Another study by the University of Pittsburgh found that patients who received physical therapy and patients who underwent spinal surgery had the same end levels of recovery; but the physical therapy patients spent roughly half of their operated-on counterparts did.

BOLO - Wal Mart Theft

Three People

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BOLO - CLARKSTON, WA - The Clarkston Police Department hopes you can help them identify three people.  They're people of interest in recent Wal Mart thefts.  One of the women has recently-bleached blonde hair and sparkly blue shoes. 

Poachers Kill Five Does


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COLUMBIA COUNTY, WA – Someone poached several deer and Fish and Wildlife officers hope you can help them find the criminal.  The person or people killed five Whitetail does in the Wooten Wildlife Area.  The does were partially butchered and left at Campground Nine on the Wooten WLA Monday night or early Tuesday morning. 

Plastic Bag Ban Heads To Committee

House Bill 1205

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OLYMPIA, WA – The bill that would ban plastic grocery bags has taken a step forward.  It’s now at the committee level.  House Bill 1205, sponsored by seven western-Washington representatives, would make the bags illegal to provide or sell to store customers in the state.

The bill cites pollution and the inability to decompose completely as the reason for the ban. 

Retail stores will still be able to provide specific kinds of bags that meet standards of recycled content and compostability.  There will be a minimum ten cent cost for each of those bags.


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