Found Pet

Clarkston Heights

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CLARKSTON, WA - This dog was found in the Clarkston Heights.  He is safe and well.  If he's yours, call Tammy at 208 790 9170.  You'll need to provide proof of ownership.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Addressing depression and anxiety helps.

Your chances of developing chronic pain may be higher if you also are experiencing depression and anxiety. A recent study in the Journal of Pain showed that depression, as well as some of our thoughts about pain prior to total knee replacement, was related to long-term pain following the procedure. Make sure that you talk to your medical provider about your mental health throughout your treatment; it can help make your journey go much more smoothly following an injury or surgery.

Car Tip of the Day Brought to You by Clarkston Auto Sales

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Clean your Windshields and Replace the Wipers

It is very important for the driver to get the perfect and clear view of the road for safe driving. Check your wipers and get them replaced whenever needed. Using damaged wipers can cause scratches to the glass and obstruct your view, which will lead to replacing your windshield altogether.

Two Vehicles In Clearwater River

Unknown If Bodies Are Inside

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MYRTLE, ID – Two vehicles are confirmed to be in the Clearwater River.  Nez Perce County Sheriff Joe Rodriguez says they have no idea if anyone is in the vehicles.  He says the water in the Clearwater River is flowing much too quickly and it’s too deep to get the vehicles out to inspect them. 

Gray Wolves May Come Off Endangered Species List

If Appropriations Bill Passes As-Is

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BOISE, ID – Gray wolves may be coming off the endangered species list.  The Department of Interior Appropriations Bill passed its committee’s vote.  It budgets $1,247,883,000 for a variety of uses.  One stipulation to the money is that the Secretary of the Interior must remove the gray wolf in the lower 48 states from the Endangered and Threatened Wildlife list. 

Insurance Fraud Leads To Work Sentence

Filing False Claim

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KENNEWICK, WA – Two Kennewick people will have to work off their insurance fraud sentences.  Colby and Jessica Getchell pleaded guilty to one count each of attempting to file a false insurance claim.  That’s considered a gross misdemeanor in Washington.  They’ll each serve 5 days on a work crew this month and pay $700 in court fees. 

Found Pet

Near WinCo

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LEWISTON, ID - This dog was found yesterday near WinCo in Lewiston.  If it's yours, call Tammy at (208) 790-9170.  You'll need to bring proof of ownership with you.  

Appeal Denied For Man Who Raped & Killed Woman

Court Documents Filed Today

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ASOTIN, WA – The conviction of the man who went to jail for raping and killing a 69 year old woman was held up today.  The appeal decision was filed this morning.  According to court documents, Bisir Muhammad challenged the validity of the evidence, saying there was no proof of illegal activity, and police had no legal reason to stop and search his car. 

Daily Dynamic Report

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Don't focus on an image.

While most of us want a diagnostic image (ie, x-ray, MRI) to tell us "why we hurt," images actually give us little information about what's causing pain. A study performed on individuals 60 years or older, who had no symptoms of low back pain, found that more than 90% had a degenerated or bulging disc, 36% had a herniated disc, and 21% had spinal stenosis. What shows up on an image may or may not be related to your symptoms. Once imaging has cleared you of a serious condition, your physical therapist will help guide you back to the life you want to live!

Car Tip of the Day Brought to You by Clarkston Auto Sales

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Get your Tires Rotated and Balanced

This is the easiest trick in the book to prevent wearing of tires and make them last longer, and the trick is to get them rotated once in a while. All tires do not wear at the same amount. So by rotating the front and rear tires, you balance the wear and make them more durable.

Ensure that the tires of your car are always perfectly aligned as non-aligned tires can make you lose control of your car and cause accidents.

Wildfire Trigger Study

90% Caused By Humans

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MOSCOW, ID – Wildfires last year burned more than 10 million acres of land in the U.S.  That’s almost double what 2016 experienced.  University of Idaho associate professor John Abatzoglou worked with counterparts in other areas to study what caused such a bad season. 


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