Scavenger Hunt Benefits Pay It Forward

April 13th | Sign Up By April 5th

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LEWISTON, ID – A local community organization is hosting a scavenger hunt and BBQ.  LC Valley Pay It Forward hosts the event April 13th, but you must sign up for the scavenger hunt by April 5th.  If you’re going to take part in the scavenger hunt, you’ll need to be at McSorley Elementary school at 2:00 pm that day. 

Donation Account For Man Hit By Semi

Derick Abshire | Died Thursday

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LEWISTON, ID – An account has been set up to help pay for the services of a Lewiston man who died last week.  Derick Abshire was hit by an oncoming semi while he was working on his own truck last Thursday.  He died at the Port of Wilma.  The account at P1FCU locations is open to any donations. 

Clarkston Man Arrested For Stalking Child

Charged With 1st Degree Stalking

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LEWISTON, ID – A 33-year-old Clarkston man was arrested for allegedly stalking a 9-year-old child over the weekend.  LPD Detectives took James A. Hust into custody after a weekend of what they’re calling “alarming behavior.”  An LPD press release says over the weekend, they responded to several calls about a suspicious or unwanted person in the 1300 block of 11th Avenue. 

Missing: Harley

Near Critchfield

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CLARKSTON, WA - Harley has been missing since noon on Monday.  She's a beagle who lives in the Clarkston Heights.  She has a purple collar and a white stripe going down the middle of her face.

Carbon Fuel Bill Could Raise Gas Prices 30 Cents

Representative Schmick Worried About Impact On Rural Citizens

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OLYMPIA, WA – Representative Joe Schmick is speaking out about the carbon fuel bill headed through the state legislature.   It’s part of Governor Inslee’s plan to make the state more “green”.  The bill would require gasoline sold in the state to have a lower carbon footprint.  Schmick says “In reality, what it does is you can expect to see higher fuel costs.  In California since December 1st when they implemented this, they’re up 16 cents per gallon already.  And estimates are going to be up around 30 cents.”

Tax Money Instead Of Business Investment In Broadband Bill

For Small Town High-Speed Internet

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OLYMPIA, WA – A broadband bill put forward by local representative Mary Dye has died in the Washington legislature.  The bill would have helped bring high-speed internet to small towns.  Pomeroy resident Mary Dye says she’s disappointed, but not surprised that the Governor’s similar bill has been chosen to move forward.  She says she has concerns about his bill though.

WA Wildfires Already Starting

6 Yesterday

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OLYMPIA, WA – The snow hasn’t completely melted off and fires are already popping up.  Washington State Forester George Geissler tweeted this morning that there were at least six wildfires in the state yesterday.  Washington Department of Natural Resources and local firefighters were busy extinguishing them before they got out of hand. 

Volunteer Retirement Plan Increase

$350 / Month For Volunteers & Reservists

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OLYMPIA, WA – Volunteers for fire departments and reservists for law enforcement agencies may be getting a boost to their retirement plan.  Right now, after volunteering for 25 years or more, the payment is $300 per month.  Under House Bill 1912, that payment would go up to $350 per month. 

Hwy 12 Fatal Accident

Near Kamiah

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KAMIAH, ID – A Cottonwood man died Saturday morning in a crash on Highway 12.  69-year-old Douglas Hurlburt was headed westbound when his vehicle left the roadway seven miles west of Kamiah.  The vehicle hit the rock wall, flipped end-over-end several times, coming to rest on its roof.


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