Mind Over Matter – How Mindfulness Can Help Combat Physical Pain

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Pain is more than physical sensation resulting from tissue damage. It is a complex process of perception that includes the interaction of sensory information, cognition, and emotion. Because some patients do not improve with interventions targeting peripheral structural impairment alone, treatment strategies that address all factors influencing a patient’s pain experience are needed, such as mindfulness training.

Need a remedy for relentless neck pain?

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Neck pain is a common condition that affects 22% to 70% of people at some point in their lifetime. Fortunately, in most individuals neck pain will spontaneously resolve, but in about 30% of individuals, pain may persist for longer than 6 months. In most cases of neck pain the exact cause is unknown. Nevertheless, patients with neck pain may be given a variety of diagnoses including cervical disc herniation, osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, degenerative joint disease, and/or whiplash.


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