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Get Yourself Moving: Use your lunch break to walk around

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Your lunch break is a great time to get in some physical activity. For example, instead of eating in the cafeteria every day, you could walk down the street to order food. If you enjoy bringing your food, you can find a park or other scenic location nearby to eat your lunch.

Public Works Board approves $85 million in infrastructure loans

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OLYMPIA, Wash. – The  Washington State Public Works Board has awarded over $85 million in loans for pre-construction and construction activities for 30 projects across the state. Applicants had requested more than $248 million for 74 different projects, and the board approved qualifying projects from a rated and ranked list until all available funds were exhausted.

Daily Dynamic Report

Get Yourself Moving: Get up more often – by tricking yourself

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It is recommended that we all get up and move around every 30-60 minutes throughout the day, in order to stretch our bodies and initiate blood flow. But let’s be real – how many of us actually do that? We’re at work, sitting at our desks… and suddenly it’s three hours later and we’re still in the same spot. By tricking yourself into getting up more often, you can get those recommended stretches in throughout the day without even realizing it.


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