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Bennett Lumber Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated sawmill located in Princeton, ID seeking a chip truck driver with a minimum of 3 years’ commercial driving experience.  Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED, a valid CDL, current Medical Examiner’s Certificate, and a clean driving record.  Preference will be given to candidates with experience driving chip trucks.  We offer a generous compensation package including medical and dental insurance and 401(k) plan with employer match. 

Weather for the Lewis-Clark Valley, Palouse, and Camas Prairie brought to you by Nez Perce Express.

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Today: A 20 percent chance of showers before 11am. Mostly cloudy through mid morning, then gradual clearing, with a high near 72. West wind 6 to 13 mph.

Tonight: Clear, with a low around 46. West wind 5 to 8 mph becoming light and variable.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Gardening Safety Tips

1) Warm up before you begin. Get your heart rate up by taking a 10-minute walk followed by some stretches for your upper and lower back, neck, arms and legs.

2) Use a garden cart or wheelbarrow to move tools and heavy planting materials.

3) Don’t kneel on both knees. Keep one foot on the ground to give your back more stability. If you have to kneel, use knee pads or a pillow to absorb some of the pressure.

Windows, Doors and More “Helpful Home” Tips

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Tip 4: Research glass options

Many homeowners focus on patio door treatments to control sun heat, add privacy and protect against drafts that seep in during cooler weather. However, curtains and blinds often obstruct the view. More homeowners are choosing to forego heavy drapes, and even when opting for sheers, the trend is for greater transparency and light. With the development of innovative glass technologies, patio doors are becoming more equipped to insulate and protect the home. Tinted glass provides additional shading against the heat. Obscure glass protects privacy and allows abundant light to enter the room.

Car Tip of the Day Brought to You by Clarkston Auto Sales

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Inspect and Replace Serpentine Belts

Thoroughly inspect your serpentine belts and check for wears. If these belts fail, they can cause damage to the other accessories to make the bill of your repair too high. It is recommended to get it checked every 60,000 miles but you should the owner's manual to get the best guide for your car.

Your Off Road Update

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We want to see your best/worst stuck in your 4 wheeler or side by side.  This is an opportunity to dig through your photo album and share with everyone that proud moment when you realized you couldn’t get any more stuck!  Send us your photo and we’ll choose a favorite.  If your photo is chosen, we will award you with a $50 gift card to be used at Bud’s Powersports.   

Weather for the Lewis-Clark Valley, Palouse, and Camas Prairie brought to you by Nez Perce Express.

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This Morning: Mostly sunny, with a high near 83. Calm wind becoming north around 5 mph in the afternoon.

Tonight: A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms, then a chance of showers after 11pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 57. Northwest wind 6 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch, except higher amounts possible in thunderstorms.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Addressing depression and anxiety helps.

Your chances of developing chronic pain may be higher if you also are experiencing depression and anxiety. A recent study in the Journal of Pain showed that depression, as well as some of our thoughts about pain prior to total knee replacement, was related to long-term pain following the procedure. Make sure that you talk to your medical provider about your mental health throughout your treatment; it can help make your journey go much more smoothly following an injury or surgery.

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Clean your Windshields and Replace the Wipers

It is very important for the driver to get the perfect and clear view of the road for safe driving. Check your wipers and get them replaced whenever needed. Using damaged wipers can cause scratches to the glass and obstruct your view, which will lead to replacing your windshield altogether.

Daily Dynamic Report

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Don't focus on an image.

While most of us want a diagnostic image (ie, x-ray, MRI) to tell us "why we hurt," images actually give us little information about what's causing pain. A study performed on individuals 60 years or older, who had no symptoms of low back pain, found that more than 90% had a degenerated or bulging disc, 36% had a herniated disc, and 21% had spinal stenosis. What shows up on an image may or may not be related to your symptoms. Once imaging has cleared you of a serious condition, your physical therapist will help guide you back to the life you want to live!

Car Tip of the Day Brought to You by Clarkston Auto Sales

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Get your Tires Rotated and Balanced

This is the easiest trick in the book to prevent wearing of tires and make them last longer, and the trick is to get them rotated once in a while. All tires do not wear at the same amount. So by rotating the front and rear tires, you balance the wear and make them more durable.

Ensure that the tires of your car are always perfectly aligned as non-aligned tires can make you lose control of your car and cause accidents.

Your Off Road Update

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Before you hit the trail make sure you have one of these!  The Polaris Flex Jump-Starter.   It features 12,000 MAH capacity, two 2.1A USB outputs to keep devices charged up, a 200 lumen flashlight, digital battery life monitor and a 1 year warranty.  Today’s modern machines are not equipped with a pull start, so don’t get stuck without one of these.  Worth its weight in gold at $119.99.


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