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Marketing Assistant

The job of the Marketing assistant is to assist the Marketing person (people) they are assigned to in their everyday activities.  The Marketing Assistant will learn every facet of the marketing job, and the operation of the radio station. The primary goal of the Marketing Assistant is to support the Marketing Rep. In maximizing their account base. This is achieved by performing a variety of duties.


The Marketing Assistant is responsible to learn and be proficient in both Vcreative (production/traffic program) and Natural Log (order program).  Training provided. Help keep the marketing person organized!


The Marketing assistant is to help write copy and send through Vcreative for production.  You may from time to time be asked to go pick up “copy notes” from a customer.


The marketing person (people) you work for are busy, and quite frankly a bit disorganized at times.  YOUR job is to keep them organized by making sure account information is correct in Natural Log and Account list.


You will accompany the marketing person on most NEEDS ANALYSES calls they go on. It is your job to take notes (recording is helpful) and listen to what the client says. These notes can be very helpful in writing good copy. From the NEEDS ANALYSES questions, you will help the marketing rep research that client’s field. You will also need this information to put together a proposal for the closing.

You will be asked by your marketing person to do “research” from time to time.  This is your best way to get the background the rep needs.


Responsible for checking marketing person (people) reports weekly. These are your BASIC responsibilities.  Others may come to you from Management.

To apply, email resume to: benb@pacempire.com

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