Pacific Empire Radio (PER)

Pacific Empire Radio (PER)

News Director


 Responsible for leading the News Department as an essential and in-depth news service, managing and directing all aspects of PER’s news gathering and story production efforts, setting editorial policy, in-depth stories, and ensuring editorial integrity in all PER news formats.

Will work out of Lewiston office.

PER/ Vision

Use Facebook as an instant news hub that in turn directs traffic to All/majority of the Facebook news stories are to be link’s posted from


To create one website ( where the community can receive news, events, special programs, contesting, etc.  Create valuable website traffic that will generate revenue for the PER/ news department.


  1. PER News
  2. News Content
  3. Social media content
  4. Ethics

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.  

  • Leads the development of the long range vision for the news reporting efforts of PER.
    • Using Facebook as a traffic generator for
  • Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the trends, the development and maintenance of content for the various media that PER uses and will be using (radio, online, and other digital media).
  • Appropriately resolves policy conflicts and/or ambiguities.
  • Guides station through ethical cross departmental news situations.
  • Supervises online news content; including interactions.
  • Proposes and coordinates special events and breaking news coverage.
  • Ensures the maintenance of the highest level of editorial quality and integrity in the work of the News Department.
  • Create a news Department that is recognized as a major source of accurate information about LC Valley issues.
  • Experienced as a reporter/producer.

To apply, email resume to:

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