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Daily Fly

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Looking for a self-motivated, hard -working individual, that’s willing to learn new ideas.  This person doesn’t need experience in sales, just the willingness to listen and learn.  This person needs to have the desire to learn about local businesses and want to help businesses reach their goals.  Feel you’re creative, have good marketing ideas or you catch yourself hearing a radio advertisement and you question what they say or think of a better way of saying it?  The position isn’t difficult, but does take a commitment of your time and effort.  Your income reflect how much you give to the position, if you work smart and dedicate your time to the position, you’re income will reflect that.  You’ll be introducing yourself to business owners/people you haven’t met before.  The hardest part of this job is organizing your time! Base pay starts at $2,500/month, more if you have experience.

To apply, email resume to: benb@pacempire.com

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