LOST: Seen on Lewiston Hill

LOST: Seen on Lewiston Hill

If Seen, Note Location on Facebook

Author: GregCraber/Monday, July 01, 2019/Categories: Community News, Lost and Found Pets

LEWISTON, ID -  A border collie has been seen running between North Lewiston and Uniontown.  It's mostly seen on the Lewiston Hill.  If you do see it, but can't stop to help it, note the location on Facebook.  Zeus' Friends Adoptions page has a post where people are updating the last location they saw it in the hopes that the owners can retrieve him.  If you're able to stop, they ask that you don't chase it, just try to get it into your vehicle willingly and contact Zeus' Friends to find out where to take it.

Here's their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ZeusFriends/permalink/2335815963355119/?__xts__[0]=68.ARCvVI2CFjqEyS10h6tGyA_fOiihN32RtUPEXHbFWSNWFmn_0LtSMafAM8cpwC1ODtRKSo5rq0ZI3GXuittT80ww1OXgMxaB5n8-3TBh8OA4zWmr6ZNSs-XoR-y3XvW8ORJfw0Vo-CS6jTumXTRdN4YK81Ys8POdssqlehZdMD5H_HfncTxQ_1apxKQrXsqI8fQStPwzdj0mnVkkhV-CCJLXg5qDjshU4-sCFOGuP7dLP4KJgKtF5G-omwD0P2AGGIdUCRX0OdTgK8YXgbml85b2IPbcOoPreQVavIWk4Yaq4KbuY4yoXUTuJ_7AZJvSNqADE0QvNMXwaih3L_EdAeeb8FOHkMug1nERhYGj737k7ZxC&__tn__=kCH-R


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