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The Teacher of the Month will receive a certificate of achievement from Alliance Title and Escrow, a personalized stamp from Printcraft Printing, a $50 gift certificate to A&B Family Foods stores, $50.00 gift certificate to McDonald’s of the Valley, and a frozen yogurt party for the classroom to celebrate, courtesy of Spot on Yogurt!

Pacific Empire Radio and Alliance Title and Escrow had the opportunity to present Karen Forsman, from Sacajawea Junior High School, with Teacher of the Month.

Forsman was awarded with a personalized stamp from Printcraft Printing, a frozen yogurt party from Spot on Yogurt, an awards certificate from Alliance Title & Escrow, and a $50.00 gift card to Clarkston Heights and/or Ricks Family Foods.

Lewiston, Lapwai, Asotin, and Clarkston School Districts are the schools participating in the Teacher of the Month program.  If you would like to nominate a teacher from one of these school districts, a nomination form can be filled out on DailyFly.com. One teacher will be chosen each month based on nomination letters received through Dailyfly.com

Here is the letter of nomination that was received for Mrs. Forsman:

“Sac has a great set of teachers. All of them really care about us students, and make an effort to make sure each one of us has a meaningful education. Mrs. Forsman, who I have for 2 classes, really stands out. Our classes are always light-hearted and fun, yet we always come out of class having learned something interesting. Mrs. Forsman always makes sure we get stuff done, but makes sure it isn't boring. Never have I enjoyed learning more than during this year, especially because of how Mrs. Forsman simply makes the learning environment pleasant and very deep. She does an excellent job of maintaining our class's behavior, and for making learning AWESOME by being AWESOME, she definitely deserves to be Teacher of the Month. Thanks!”

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