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Lewiston, ID - Pacific Empire Radio and Alliance Title and Escrow had the opportunity to present Jeremy Feucht, from Jennifer Junior High with Teacher of the Month.

Mr. Feucht was awarded a certificate of achievement from Alliance Title and Escrow, a personalized stamp from Printcraft Printing, a $50.00 gift certificate to McDonald’s of the Valley,  a $100 gas card from Nez Perce Express, and a custom Dynamic Physical Therapy Fall mug!

Lewiston, Lapwai, Asotin, and Clarkston School Districts are the schools participating in the Teacher of the Month program.  If you would like to nominate a teacher from one of these school districts, a nomination form can be filled out on DailyFly.com. One teacher will be chosen each month based on nomination letters received through Dailyfly.com

Here is the letter of nomination that was received for Mr. Feucht:

This is Mr. Feucht’s twentieth year teaching students enrolled in summer school programs and he has never missed one day! It is truly amazing that he has never been sick, had to attend training (which many teachers do in the summer, including myself), or taken an extra day or two to spend with family. Understand that he is devoted to his family and has learned to balance that with his service to our special population of students. A specific example of his commitment that I remember happened sixteen years ago. His daughter, Ariel, was born in July and might have been a very understandable reason not to snow up to school. As fate would have it, she was born on a long weekend one year during the Fourth of July holiday. He was able to be at the hospital for her arrival and take his wife and new born child home. Mr. Feucht spent a couple of days at home taking care of his new family and with the support of new grandparents and the “new mom”, he returned to school on Monday and taught his students. First and foremost, he knows how hard summer school can be for the students who are required to attend. He knows that having a substitute teacher can really throw off a student’s day and trying to figure out different expectations and routines. Mr. Feucht also knows how difficult it can be for the substitute teacher and the other teachers when students are having a hard day. Rather than putting everyone through a tough day, he comes to school as he promised he would. He’s smiling every morning excited to get classes started, greeting students by name and setting the tone for what’s to come.

To view a video of this month’s Teacher of the Month awards assembly click here: https://youtu.be/DEBCXCILsY0

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