Looking for a self-motivated, hard -working individual, that’s willing to learn new ideas.  This person doesn’t need experience in sales, just be teachable.  This person needs to have the desire to learn about local businesses and want to help businesses reach their goals. 

Do you feel like you’re creative? Do you have great marketing ideas? Do you catch yourself listening to radio advertisements and think of a better way of saying it?

The position isn’t difficult, but it does take a commitment of your time and effort.  Your income reflects how much you give to the position, if you work smart and dedicate your time to the position, you’re income will reflect that.  You’ll be introducing yourself to business owners/people you haven’t met before.  The hardest part of this job is organizing your time! Base pay starts at $2,500/month, more if you have experience.

If you are interested in applying for this position please contact:

Pacific Empire Radio
Attn: Ben Bonfield
403 Capital Street
Lewiston, ID 83501



Summer Help

This position is for someone who is flexible and can adapt to different tasks as assigned. Qualified candidates will be willing to work a variety of station events with a positive attitude, outgoing personality, and a passion to help. Evening and/or weekend availability is required.

  • Assist with promotions
    • Answer incoming listener phone calls
    • Sign up to win promotions
    • Offsite promotions (Stuff the Bus, Lewiston’s Hot August Nights, etc).
    • Non Traditional Revenue (NTR) promotions/sales.
      • These will include printed ads, bumper stickers, promotional posters, catalogs, t-shirts, etc.
  • Create sale sheets for promotions and write promotional commercials
  • Create poster/entry boxes, follow-up with Sales Manager, making sure the promotion is running smooth and all changes/updates are being made.
  • Offsite promotions
    • Booking location site
    • Organizing
    • Problem solving
    • Teardown/clean up of event
  • Place orders with Newspapers, TV, etc.
  • Pre-Post promotion expense/profit analysis.
    • Created 4 times per year at minimum
  • Assist
    • Sales team
    • On air staff
    • Producing commercials

This is a part-time position. $10/hour

If you are interested in applying for this position please contact:

Pacific Empire Radio
Attn: Ben Bonfield
403 Capital Street
Lewiston, ID 83501



News Director


Responsible for leading the News Department as an essential and in-depth news service, managing and directing all aspects of Daily Fly news gathering and story production efforts, setting editorial policy, in-depth stories, and ensuring editorial integrity in all Daily Fly news formats. Vision

Use Facebook as an instant news hub that in turn directs traffic to All/majority of the Facebook news stories are to be links posted from


To create one website ( where the community can receive news, events, special programs, contesting, etc.  Create valuable website traffic that will generate revenue for news department.


  1. News Content
  2. Social media content
  3. Ethics

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. 

  • Leads the development of the long range vision for the news reporting efforts of the radio station.
    • Using Facebook as a traffic generator for
  • Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the trends, the development and maintenance of content for the various media that the radio station uses and will be using (radio, online, and other digital media).
  • Appropriately resolves policy conflicts and/or ambiguities.
  • Guides station through ethical cross departmental news situations.
  • Supervises online news content; including interactions.
  • Proposes and coordinates special events and breaking news coverage.
  • Ensures the maintenance of the highest level of editorial quality and integrity in the work of the News Department.
  • Create a news Department that is recognized as a major source of accurate information about LC Valley issues.
  • Experienced as a reporter/producer.
  • Plans research, writing and producing news and public affairs program material, including news reports, documentaries and special events coverage or special news programs.
  • Establishes and maintains news sources in the community.
  • May perform as talent and carry out other on-air work as needed.
  • Knows & understands operation of broadcast recording equipment.
  • Acts consistently with the highest standards of journalism, business ethics, and personal integrity.
  •  Preserves confidentiality appropriately.
  • Fully capable in editing, field recording, and producing news reports for radio, web and broadcast.
  • Ensures the maintenance of news department files, including digital archive of stories broadcast and posted on stations.
  • Ensures that all communications about news story content are handled appropriately.
  • Serves as an ambassador for the radio station, both formally and informally.
  • Participates in station promotions activities as needed.
  • Helps listeners and potential listeners connect with the radio station.

EXCELLENCE IN THIS POSITION includes the following:

1. A high level of commitment and dedication to the vision of

2. A high level of energy. An obvious enthusiasm for the work of Outgoing, friendly with coworkers, and demonstrates an appropriate sense of humor.

3. Acting consistently with the highest standards of journalism, business ethics and personal integrity. Preserving confidentiality appropriately. Stewarding resources with prudence and accountability.

4. Serving as an excellent ambassador for Daily Fly news, both formally and informally. Helping listeners, potential listeners, and Clients connect with  Holding leadership positions in the community on boards, committees, and through general volunteer opportunities.

5. Facilitating excellent communications across departments. Fostering open and candid relationships with radio listeners and Clients. Managing conflict constructively.

6. Demonstrating a commitment to the continuous improvement of  Ability to fulfill the vision and goal.  Demonstrating and encouraging creativity and enthusiasm for this work.


Base pay starts at $2,500/month

If you are interested in applying for this position please contact:

Pacific Empire Radio
Attn: Ben Bonfield
403 Capital Street
Lewiston, ID 83501